Pandemic Positivity #6: Everlong

Ah, I can always rely on my favourite rock icons to make me happy in the midst of a pandemic. Last time it was Chris and Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes and today it’s head Foo Fighter Dave Grohl. A few days ago, he took to a Princely purple-lit studio to talk about one of my all-time favourite songs, “Everlong,” and perform it solo-acoustic style.

I had known a bit about it prior to this. He talks in the video about the song being inspired by a breakup, but I believe in the past he’s admitted that the relationship was with Louise Post of 90s greats Veruca Salt. Not that that matters, but it is relevant in that, apparently, she did background vocals on the recording. What I found most interesting in Grohl’s history of the song was how it came to be musically. How he was playing around with a chord that he thought sounded like Sonic Youth and that the rhythm comes from how he thinks of strumming a guitar in terms of drum patterns. The verse part definitely has a unique, fun rhythm.

And then he played the song and it was beautiful and it made me happy. (Check it out at the bottom of this post.)

What else has made me happy since my last post?

  • For those of you following along, I managed to tune my acoustic guitar to Open E without breaking any strings, but I’m telling you, it was a white-knuckle ride turning those pegs. I was just waiting to hear the snap. But, no snap! As a result, I was able to (mostly) learn “She Talks to Angels,” finally, after all these years. It’s so nice to hear it come out of my guitar. I say “mostly” because I’m still trying to nail the intro. I can get it sometimes, but there’s one part I keep tripping over.
  • The boys got new shoes yesterday and upon learning that he has graduated from the kids’ section and was now a size 8 men’s, Ethan began walking around like a weirdo and calling himself a hobbit because he’s a little person with big feet.
  • The show Search Party. Even though there are four seasons, I’d never heard of it until recently. I just finished the first season and it’s pretty fun, odd, and well-acted (especially by series lead Alia Shawkat… at first I didn’t love her friends, but they grew on me). And the mystery came to a conclusion I didn’t see coming.
  • Also, both TV and music-related, I’m rewatching The Golden Girls, because it’s amazing, and a pre-Rilo Kiley Jenny Lewis appeared as a dastardly 12-year-old girl scout, who tried to extort cash from the girls for Rose’s kidnapped teddy bear (yes, this was the plot and it was amazing), but Rose stole it back and pushed the kid out the door… and it was amazing.

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