The Beaches & Death From Above at Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, December 1, 2017

One of my favourite moments in last night’s blazing celebration of rock at Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Theatre was not even a musical one, and yet it perfectly illustrates what this night was about. Continue reading


Sort-of review: Dear Rouge at Mill Street Beer Hall in Toronto, August 18, 2016

Dear Rouge at Mill StreetI’ve never been one of those “I have to meet my favourite musicians” guys. One of my two all time favourites is Juliana Hatfield. She hasn’t played Toronto in a few years, but she always used to stop by Lee’s Palace, back when it was the most beautiful of weird little venues. Continue reading

Ch-ch-ch-changes: A 90s music festival in 2015

photo 4

Friday was my birthday. Saturday was Weezer front man Rivers Cuomo’s birthday. And, on Saturday, I saw Rivers celebrate his birthday as Weezer headlined Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival kick-off show, a day also highlighted by performances from a couple of other bands that exploded in the 90s: Collective Soul and Our Lady Peace. Needless to say, it was a day ripe with nostalgia for a guy who was 20-ish when all these bands hit. Continue reading