45. “Life Goes By And I Can’t Keep Up,” Dear Rouge

I’m not a jewellery guy. Well, I used to wear an earring, I’ve got my wedding ring, and back in my university days I thought it was cool to take my broken guitar strings and turn them into “guitar string bracelets.” But not real chains and bracelets.

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44. Oxygène, Jean-Michel Jarre

Oxygene Jean-Michel Jarre

This post is in honour of my father, who we lost on August 11, so I’m breaking rules. I didn’t listen to this on shuffle and it’s not a song, it’s an entire album. And it’s a weird album. And it’s an album that scared the living daylights out of me as a kid because of the earth-skull album cover you can see above and because the music just creeped me the hell out. It’s also the only album I ever knew my dad to buy or care about in any way.

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43. “Cherish,” Kool & the Gang

Do you remember your first crush? Like, your first real crush? I’m not talking about the girl whose pigtails you pulled in kindergarten or the boy you played dress-up with in that surely unsanitary corner of the classroom filled with wigs and hats worn by 25 six-year-olds per day. I’m talking about that first pubescent obsession where you had feelings. Nothing graphic, just whatever heart-bursting emotion a 12-year-old thinks love is. Feeeeeeeelings.

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