Pandemic Positivity #6: Everlong

Ah, I can always rely on my favourite rock icons to make me happy in the midst of a pandemic. Last time it was Chris and Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes and today it’s head Foo Fighter Dave Grohl. A few days ago, he took to a Princely purple-lit studio to talk about one of my all-time favourite songs, “Everlong,” and perform it solo-acoustic style.

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Sort-of Review: Big Music Fest (Extreme, Jane’s Addiction & Soundgarden): July 11, 2015

I suppose it’s a function of my age that I’ve now gone to two 90s-centric music festivals in the span of a month. But this one, held in Kitchener, Ontario, was different from Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival: it was louder, it was grungier, it was sexier, and at the same time it was bizarrely, paradoxically suburban. Continue reading

24. “The Audience is Listening,” Steve Vai

Steve Vai, Passion and Warfare on My Shuffled Life

I think it was around this time, the summer of 1990, that I started to realize my musical tastes were different from most people’s. It seemed natural to me, though. It’s like when you’re six and you like something because you like it, not because your friends or the cool kids or famous people or the media told you to like it. It just speaks to you. Which is why, that summer, while vacationing in Florida, I could fall in love with both this manic tribute to guitar virtuosity and teenage rebellion AND Mariah Carey. Continue reading

22. “Feel it Again,” Honeymoon Suite

Remember CDs? Not all that long ago, they were everything. The compact disc was the ultimate format for storing and playing sound recordings. Smaller and more convenient than cumbersome vinyl, which had gone the way of the velociraptor at that point, and more reliable and durable than cassettes. And the sound quality? Forget about it. It was supposed to be pristine, like there was a tiny little band playing live right inside your ear. Continue reading