Review: Dear Rouge in my living room, November 5, 2020

Look at me, cheering like a geek in my living room.

Five years to the night since the first time I saw them live at Toronto’s Mod Club, Dear Rouge played my living room tonight. Well, sort of. They played a live concert on YouTube from a funky joint in Vancouver, giving the live treatment to their entire first album, Black to Gold.

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43. “Cherish,” Kool & the Gang

Do you remember your first crush? Like, your first real crush? I’m not talking about the girl whose pigtails you pulled in kindergarten or the boy you played dress-up with in that surely unsanitary corner of the classroom filled with wigs and hats worn by 25 six-year-olds per day. I’m talking about that first pubescent obsession where you had feelings. Nothing graphic, just whatever heart-bursting emotion a 12-year-old thinks love is. Feeeeeeeelings.

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My Shuffled Walk #2: Newmarket – Fairy Lake & Main Street

Just over a year ago, I took a walk along Toronto’s College Street and embarked on a fun little experiment: put my songs on shuffle, take a picture to represent each song as it’s playing, then see if I can tie the song and image together through words. Yesterday I had a little time to myself in my old home of Newmarket, where our boys were born, and decided to take a little stroll from lush parkland to dusty industrial sideroad. Here’s how it sounded and how it looked…

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Pandemic Positivity #1: Radiate

Hole Malibu

“Pandemic Positivity?” you ask? Nope, I’m not happy there’s a pandemic. It scares me and saddens me and frustrates me. But I’ve been thinking a lot about the good that there is to be extracted from this bizarre and all too often tragic time. I know that the fear and tragedy and isolation has had a really intense effect on people who already had mental health struggles before this madness began, so I think it’s more important now than ever to spread positivity. And I want to try to use my blog to do that in my own way. Continue reading