8 Reasons Why I Love Every Second of The Beaches’ Late Show

The Beaches Late Show

I was delirious with joy when I first heard The Beaches’ “Money” on Toronto’s Indie88. First, because it’s an amazing song. Second, because there’s not enough crunchy guitar rock coming from young bands. And third, because there aren’t enough female voices in rock – especially kickass garage-y power-chord-driven rock. Continue reading


13 Creepy Halloween Songs

Boo! Scared you, didn’t I? It’s okay, you can admit it. After all, it’s Halloween and we’re all super-primed for spooks. Speaking of which, I love watching spooky movies this time of year (well, any time of year, really). And there are a bunch of songs sitting in my phone that turn my brain into its own little creepfest. Fittingly, here are the 13 creepiest (in no particular order). Continue reading

Top 7 Black Crowes Songs That Evoke Memories

This blog is all about songs that evoke memories. So, in honour of The Black Crowes officially breaking up this week, these are not necessarily my favourite Crowes songs, but the ones that most vividly evoke memories. And I’m going to say I’d bet this breakup doesn’t last forever. This isn’t the first time Chris and Rich Robinson have butted heads, and they always come back to each other. Brothers will be brothers. Continue reading