42. “Trademark,” Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

I’ll just start off by apologizing to the guitar nerds out there, of which I am indisputably one, for the relative lack of guitar geekery you’ll read here.* Because Eric Johnson is like the god that guitar nerds bow down to. But when I hear this song, I’m not reminded of guitar geekery, I’m reminded of the early ‘90s Toronto Blue Jays. Continue reading

33. “Where the Streets Have No Name,” U2

U2 live in concert on My Shuffled Life.
Bono, impressed by Edge’s riffage, about 10 feet in front of me.

Almost two months ago I went to my first U2 show ever. In my review of four dudes in their 50s keeping my eyes as wide as a five-year-old who just got a puppy for two hours, I said something kind of important that I never really elaborated on much: I realized that U2 has been with me throughout my life more than I knew. Continue reading

8. “Endless Summer Nights,” Richard Marx

I barely knew her. But 14-year-old me felt so much for her.

I won’t use her real name. Let’s call her Shauna. Not that there’s anything unflattering I’d have to say about her. Quite the opposite. Even though I barely knew her. What was it about her that locked her in my heart for all of my high school years — literally from the first day to the last? Even though I barely knew her? Continue reading