New Beaches: “Let’s Go”

It may be a grey day in the GTA, but The Beaches brightened my world by dropping an infectious new song (“Let’s Go”) and the cover of their upcoming EP, Future Lovers, which features (almost) all the colours of the rainbow. More than anything, this song makes me long for the day I can see them live again. They were my last pre-pandemic show last February – maybe they’ll be my first post-pandemic show.

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Review: The Beaches at Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, February 28, 2020

Tonight I realized that The Beaches are my favorite band. There was a moment. And that’s what this review (if you want to call it that, because I can promise you it will not be impartial) is going to be about: moments. Including the moment I realized The Beaches are my favorite band. Continue reading

10 Songs that Made Me Happy in 2018

Kylie Miller of The Beaches, Alyse Vellturo of pronoun, and Lindsey Jordan of Snail MailSometimes with these year-end lists I like to keep it to songs that were released during the year in question. That would probably be the “professional” or “proper” thing to do. But this blog is neither. I’m the boss here and I say these are just songs I listened to a lot in 2018 and they made me happy – though most are 2018 releases. And, you know what? I’m not even going to bother ranking them this year because my current mood is “art ain’t no competition.” Also, I’m keeping it to one song per act. Continue reading

Review: Foo Fighters at Rogers Centre in Toronto, July 12, 2018

Me and my boys at the Foo Fighters concert

This is not a concert review. Yeah, I know what the headline says. So if you’re here for a retelling of all the face-melting rock majesty that Dave Grohl and company poured over the Rogers Centre crowd, I’m sorry to disappoint. The thing is, my attention wasn’t 100% on the show. My attention was on my boys, because it was their first ever concert. My 10-year-old little dudes have now been baptized in rock by Reverend Grohl and his rock and roll apostles, and I couldn’t be prouder. Continue reading

Review: The Beaches at The Opera House in Toronto, May 11, 2018

The Beaches at The Opera House in Toronto

There are no words. That’s about the laziest thing a writer can say about anything. And yet it was the first phrase that came to mind about The Beaches’ homecoming show in Toronto Friday night, rounding out a headlining tour across Canada. So here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to use a fourth-grade poetry trick and use that hacky phrase as my guide to actually say some words. Continue reading