My Shuffled Walk #5: Georgetown/Glen Williams

Well, I’m on vacation, so I thought it was time for another instalment of My Shuffled Walk. I tempted the weather gods on what was an overcast day, possibly threatening rain, but they were kind to me and even opened up the skies a bit for some sunshine during my 8 km walk.

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My Shuffled Walk #3: Acton

“Acton?” you ask? Yup, Acton. Why not Acton? I’d never been, it’s like 25 minutes from home, I had the day off, I like to explore new places, and it’s fall so everything is pretty. So why not Acton? It was nice. And like I’ve done a couple of times before with these things, I listened to music and took one picture during each song to sort of represent it. And away we go…

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13 Creepy Halloween Songs

Boo! Scared you, didn’t I? It’s okay, you can admit it. After all, it’s Halloween and we’re all super-primed for spooks. Speaking of which, I love watching spooky movies this time of year (well, any time of year, really). And there are a bunch of songs sitting in my phone that turn my brain into its own little creepfest. Fittingly, here are the 13 creepiest (in no particular order). Continue reading