My Shuffled Walk, College Street, Toronto


Let’s call this a little art experiment: I got off work early today so I thought I’d take a really bloody long walk along the entire length of College Street, throw my songs on shuffle, and take a picture that played while each song played. Two rules: no skipping songs and no picture do-overs. Is there any way I can write my way into making each picture make sense for each song? Good luck with that, Kev. But there’s definitely one near the end that blew my mind. I know, that’s a little click-baity, but it’s true. Continue reading

15. “Misogyny,” Rusty

Misogyny is abhorrent. “Misogyny” is awesome. The quotation marks, of course, indicate that in the second instance I’m referring to the song released on Rusty’s Fluke album in 1995. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and say it’s one of my favourite songs by a Canadian artist, ever. Continue reading