28. “Rub You the Right Way,” Johnny Gill

Johnny Gill

Puberty. One minute you’re 14 going on 15. Then it’s your birthday and you open a present and suddenly you’re aware that there’s a new perception of you. You were always just a kid. Presents had been fun. But now you’re turning into an adult. Or some scrawny, embryonic, grease-and-pimple-faced facsimile of one. And presents could be a little something other than fun. Continue reading

8. “Endless Summer Nights,” Richard Marx

I barely knew her. But 14-year-old me felt so much for her.

I won’t use her real name. Let’s call her Shauna. Not that there’s anything unflattering I’d have to say about her. Quite the opposite. Even though I barely knew her. What was it about her that locked her in my heart for all of my high school years — literally from the first day to the last? Even though I barely knew her? Continue reading