Review: Wide Mouth Mason at The Dakota Tavern in Toronto, November 12, 2019

A long time ago, in a tavern far, far way….

A dark force arose. It was white, and it was cold and it was an all-around pain in the ass. Indeed, a sudden, deep freeze overtook the land. But a hero arose from the frost and slush: an unassuming droid they called SV-PO. Continue reading

32. “White is Red,” Death From Above 1979

Death from Above 1979 logo

You can’t listen to this song. This song is mine. All mine. You can’t have it. You couldn’t handle it, anyway. No, seriously, log out of Spotify or YouTube or Apple Music or whatever you’re using to listen to it. Right now. This song is not for you. It’s for me. Only me. Continue reading

22. “Feel it Again,” Honeymoon Suite

Remember CDs? Not all that long ago, they were everything. The compact disc was the ultimate format for storing and playing sound recordings. Smaller and more convenient than cumbersome vinyl, which had gone the way of the velociraptor at that point, and more reliable and durable than cassettes. And the sound quality? Forget about it. It was supposed to be pristine, like there was a tiny little band playing live right inside your ear. Continue reading