The Song Has a Will of its Own: Juliana Hatfield and the Art of Covering Yourself

You don’t have to look too deep into this blog to realize that I’m a big fan of Juliana Hatfield. She’s the only artist who has two songs among the 22 I’ve blogged about, plus she got a mention in my “10 Songs that Made Me Happy in 2014” list, through her band Minor Alps. Continue reading


18. “El Scorcho,” Weezer

Somewhere in between obsessing over Death From Above 1979’s The Physical World, I managed to tap shuffle and along came my old friend, “El Scorcho.” He’s a good friend. He takes me all the way back to the turn of the century. Those nail-biting times when we were all sure our computers were going to explode, plummeting society in chaos when the clock hit midnight on January 1, 2000. Continue reading