8 Things Dear Rouge’s Phases Reminds Me Of

Dear Rouge Phases album cover

My exceedingly well documented Dear Rouge obsession started almost three years ago, after I bought their debut album, Black to Gold. That album brought all kinds of fun things to mind for me, inspiring my post on the Top 10 Things Dear Rouge’s Black to Gold Reminds Me Of. Not surprisingly, I love their new album, Phases, and it’s got my mind racing again. So here we go… Continue reading

28. “Rub You the Right Way,” Johnny Gill

Johnny Gill

Puberty. One minute you’re 14 going on 15. Then it’s your birthday and you open a present and suddenly you’re aware that there’s a new perception of you. You were always just a kid. Presents had been fun. But now you’re turning into an adult. Or some scrawny, embryonic, grease-and-pimple-faced facsimile of one. And presents could be a little something other than fun. Continue reading

22. “Feel it Again,” Honeymoon Suite

Remember CDs? Not all that long ago, they were everything. The compact disc was the ultimate format for storing and playing sound recordings. Smaller and more convenient than cumbersome vinyl, which had gone the way of the velociraptor at that point, and more reliable and durable than cassettes. And the sound quality? Forget about it. It was supposed to be pristine, like there was a tiny little band playing live right inside your ear. Continue reading