New Dear Rouge: “Fake Fame”

Three years ago – 2018 – was a big Dear Rouge year. Their bombastic second album, Phases, dropped, I saw them live twice, chatted with them once, and just generally fell deeper in love with them. On the new music front, they’ve been quiet ever since, yet still engaged with their fans, especially during the pandemic, performing full albums during livestreams (which I tried to enjoy like I was actually there), on Instagram, etc. But today, finally: new music! So here are my first thoughts on “Fake Fame”:

  • The bass is back!: I loooooved the emphasis on big bass lines on Phases, so I was so happy to hear that driving groove right away during the verse.
  • Wait for it…: It was fun hearing that dance-y verse transition into the acoustic-guitar-driven pre-chorus. But I just knew that quieter section was going to explode into a massive chorus. I could feel it. I was waiting for it. Waiting… waiting…
  • Boom!: And, holy smokes, I did not expect that chorus to be quite as big and loud and joyous as it was. And I expected it to be big and loud and joyous. It just exceeded my lofty expectations. All the “na na nahs” were fully earwomed after one listen. Couldn’t get it out of my head.
  • A little Foos inspiration?: The bass line in that chorus brought to mind that great “old” (from their third album) Foo Fighters song, “Stacked Actors.” I’m not saying it’s the same, I just wondered if it’s a fun nod.
  • Danielle’s voice(s): Wow, Danielle McTaggart has a voice. And it’s a versatile voice that can almost sound like different voices. Or at least the same voice used in different ways. There’s the moody, breathy tone in the chorus, the mid-range in the acoustic part, then absolute belting in the chorus, especially when she hits that word, “Fame!”

Just makes me look forward to the full album even more!


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