New Beaches: “Let’s Go”

It may be a grey day in the GTA, but The Beaches brightened my world by dropping an infectious new song (“Let’s Go”) and the cover of their upcoming EP, Future Lovers, which features (almost) all the colours of the rainbow. More than anything, this song makes me long for the day I can see them live again. They were my last pre-pandemic show last February – maybe they’ll be my first post-pandemic show.

First, here’s the song:

Now LET’S GO and get into all the things I love about it:

  • “I wanna see everyone put their hands up.” At exactly the halfway mark, this lyric and the accompanying production, with the pause in all the instruments as she sings “put their hands up,” was built for a live “moment.” And that moment will be divine. Everyone will put their hands up and cheer and then start bopping their heads and dancing as the music drops back in. Can I be there now?
  • “Oooooo.” This song will do for “oooo’s” what “Money,” their first big single, did for “Woo’s.”
  • Weirdo licks. The verses feature these weird, warbly, reverby, single-note guitar licks. They’re bizarre and I love them.
  • The bridge: This is a short song, but somehow they’ve managed to include an extended bridge that has two distinct sections within itself: one that’s more sparse, and one that’s more loud and punky with distorted vocals and just filled with raw, punk-rock noise.
  • 2:22. This is the song’s run time and it means nothing to anyone else, but symmetry and palindromes please my OCD brain.
  • The end. The song ends with “Let’s go!” which is wonderfully ironic. The song is over. But what it makes me feel is “Let’s go listen to this song again!” But aside from the ironic interpretation, it’s a rallying cry. This song inspires me to rock! Also, the last section of the song is an all-out, four-on-the-floor jam and I don’t want it to end. I can imagine, when they play this live, it won’t be 2:22. They’ll rock out on that ending for another minute or so and whip the crowd into a frenzy. Remember live shows? Sigh.

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