Pandemic Positivity #2: Hingle McCringleberry

key & peele football rap

Against all odds, here’s what made me happy over the past 24 hours or so…

  • A Superstore employee made me happy: This actually happened a few days ago, but it’s still on my mind. I was standing in a long line of maybe 20-25 people to get into the store, with about an hour to go before the store closed, when an employee came out like a football coach inspiring her team. I can’t directly quote her, but it was something like this: “We’re all in this together, so let’s keep our distance and everyone will be okay, you’ll get your groceries and get home to your families! Don’t worry about the time. Take your time in there. Seriously, take your time and get what you need! But let’s keep it safe for everybody, including the employees working in there. We’re essential workers. But you are all essential, too, because without you coming to get groceries, we wouldn’t have jobs!” She went on, talking about good times for seniors to come in the morning and stuff like that. It put a smile on everyone’s face (at least the few that weren’t covered by masks) and helped the time pass as we waited.
  • The “Newcomers” podcast is making me happy: A few weeks ago, when I heard two of my favourite funny people, Nicole Byer (of Nailed It fame) and Lauren Lapkus (Orange is the New Black, Big Bang Theory, and a ton of hilarious podcasts) were going to host a podcast where they watch the Star Wars movies for the first time, I knew the Force was going to be with it. I knew they wouldn’t love all of it (hell, I don’t and I’m a gigantic Star Wars nerd). But I was confident they’d keep an open mind and hilariously roast the ridiculous parts, and that’s exactly what they’ve done. They’ve genuinely enjoyed some of it, even the nearly unwatchable Star Wars Holiday Special, which is one of the most cringe-worthy things ever put on television, filled with actors who in some cases may be stoned out of their minds, and a really disturbing portrayal of Chewbacca’s dad (one question there: was he actually watching Wookiee porn?). Ah, the ‘70s.
  • Game 4 of the 1993 World Series made me happy: Being without live baseball games these days is painful. But I’m grateful to Sportsnet for airing classic Jays games like this one, which I watched from start to finish last night. This was one of the wildest World Series games ever played, with the Jays coming from behind to win 15-14. In particular, it was so much fun to watch the late Tony Fernandez contribute a monster of a game, with three hits and five RBIs. It was even fun to watch Phillies leadoff man Lenny Dykstra spit tobacco and yell at umpires without looking at them, then crush huge home runs.
  • Key & Peele’s football rap is making me happy: Have you seen this thing? The boys have been getting into this show lately and have been obsessed with this sketch/song. It’s so ridiculously hilarious, as a spoof on the 1985 Chicago Bears “Super Bowl Shuffle” and building on their absurdly-named football players sketch. I’ll post the latter for context before you see the rap video. If you need a laugh in these challenging times, this is bound to do it. The boys have been reciting the names and parts of the rap for a couple weeks now. Ethan even wrote down a list of every player name so he could memorize it.

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